Thoughts on Book Rereads

“If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use reading it at all.”
— Oscar Wilde

When I first began my journey as a reader, I was very much against rereading books. I think that came from the fact that I’m a fairly slow reader, and I felt like it was a huge waste of my time to read a book I’d already read.

However, at some point, around the time that I started writing book reviews, I realized that I was not able to remember the plots of many of the books that I’d read. Blame it on the fact that my brain is constantly running with 5937 tabs open at once, or the fact that I have the memory of Dory from Finding Nemo, but I couldn’t remember the plots to save my life. And so, I decided it was time to start rereading.

And now I can’t stop.

I am so thoroughly enjoying revisiting books that I know I loved but can’t quite remember why. It has also given me the chance to write reviews on books that I read years ago, as well as solidify them into my memory.

Rereading books can be such an enriching experience because when you read something multiple times, you get to read it again it from a place in life with different perspectives and experiences. Reading a book that is already known and explored is a great comfort to someone such as myself who finds solace in the expected.

How do you feel about rereading books? Let me know — I’d love to chat about it.

Edit: After writing this post, I discovered that Mollie and Katie from the No Thanks We’re Booked podcast released their 16th episode that is all about rereading! Go check it out.

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