One Year Blogiversary

Hi, everyone!

Well, this month marks one year since I started this blog, and I can’t believe it. I can remember the day I started it, too — I was full of excitement lots and of ideas. I knew literally nothing about the world of blogging, but I did know that I wanted to get back into writing, and I figured blogging was an easy way to do it.

Over the year, this blog has changed many, many times. It transitioned from a book blog/freelance editing website to more of a catch-all for everything in my life that I could ever want to discuss. But the funny thing is that now, one year later, it’s back to being nearly the same as it was when I originally started, which tells me that first thoughts sometimes really are the best.

I won’t lie to you — this journey hasn’t always been peachy. This blog has caused me an unnecessary (and rather embarrassing) amount of stress and anxiety. I felt a whole lot of “blogger envy” when looking at other’s blogs that I deemed “better” than mine.  I grew frustrated and impatient with myself because my blog wasn’t up to the same standards as these other blogs that had been around for years. As I continued to write, I would constantly edit older posts or redo the formatting to match my newer posts.  I paid way too much attention to perfection that I gave myself no room for growth or, well, writing.

Then one day, I realized that one of the truly awesome parts about having a blog is the fact that I can look back at my first few posts and laugh fondly at how ridiculous they looked, how cheesy they sounded, and how much I’ve learned since then. This is the same in life. It is so incredibly easy to compare ourselves to others out there doing what we want to do — sometimes it gets to the point that we never actually do the thing. Trust me, I know. But as Lauren Graham so aptly put it in her latest book, “Don’t be perfect, just be done.” And those six little words really have so much truth to them.

Therefore, I am so glad that I started my blog because it’s taught me to have a bit more confidence and patience with myself and with the creative process. So, I urge you to give yourself time to learn and space to grow. No one is perfect at something right away. And really, that’s what makes the journey so special.

6 thoughts on “One Year Blogiversary

  1. Aw! I love this reflection of yours! I was definitely suffering from the same envy recently, but I really want my blog to just be something I do for fun so I’m trying to tone down the envy and turn up the appreciation 🙂


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